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Sensory Ice Play!❄️❄️❄️

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

This Saturday's kidtivity is… ice play! ❄️❄️❄️

We're going to use common household items for a virtually mess-free experience — making this one of the simplest (not to mention cleanest) sensory activities you can do.

Don't let the simplicity fool you!

It doesn’t look like much, but this is actually a science lesson disguised as water play. Whether you're doing this with an infant, toddler, or preschooler, it’s going to help them grow some serious brain wrinkles 🤓

Prep time: less than 5 min active, 12+hrs total

Duration of play: 15min - 2+hrs

What you need:

-Different sized freezable containers

-baby washcloths

-squirt bottle or cups

-plastic bowls and plates

-small toys


This one takes a bit of pre-planning, but it's SUPER quick so don't worry... you won't have to stay up extra late getting it ready 😴😴😴

When you’re cleaning up for the night, just take a minute to toss a few of their toys into different containers, fill them with water (leaving room for expansion)& pop them in the freezer. BOOM. Just like that, you're more than halfway ready!

*Pro tip*

Use shallow dishes for infants and toddlers, since they tend to lose interest in melting their toys a lot sooner. For bigger kids, I use containers of varying shapes & sizes (I'll talk more about this on Friday).

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you’re doing this project with multiple age groups, only use toys that are size-appropriate for the youngest participant. Basically…. Don't freeze something for your preschooler that your infant can swallow. You want to make sure whatever toys you use are safe for EVERYONE, so you can just relax and enjoy the project.

So… Everything is frozen… what do I do?

Set up a secure area to play in. If you have kids under 3 playing, I recommend a blanket or sheet on the grass. I've tried skipping the blanket but .. I don't love my infant eating wet grass & decided the laundry was worth it 👌

When you're ready to play, fill the squirt bottle or cup with water. Then grab a bowl of water, your washcloths & frozen toys, and take your adorable little rascals outside for some fun!

Let them experiment with different ways to melt the ice. Pour water, dunk the cubes, squirt them, put them in the sun 🌞… there are endless possibilities here!

Do not feel ANY pressure to do more than the bare minimum. The only thing you have to do is put them in a safe environment. If you had a long week & just want to shut down a bit so you can enjoy watching them play oh my goodness PLEASE do that!

But if you want to channel your inner Mary Poppins, here’s a few ideas for you:

For Babies/Young Toddlers

->After playing with the ice for a while, encourage them to put their hands back in the bowl of water. Watch their face this time — it's really fun to see the surprise when the water feels really warm! They may be so distracted they don’t react at all, because you know….babies. But they’ll still be taking in SO MUCH information🤯

->Narrate as they play. Talk about the ice melting, hot vs cold, whatever comes to mind. You will feel ridiculous, but embrace it. I like to pretend I’m David Attenborough & my kids are the subject of a nature documentary. It makes it extra entertaining for me, and my 3.5yo thinks it’s a hoot.

For Older Toddlers/Kid

->If they have an Elsa doll, do what one of our group members does & add to the drama by having her get nervous and “freeze” her friends! This will open the floor up to talk about mental health, their current fears, empathy, and so much more!

->Encourage them to come up with different competitions to run while melting the ice.

Yeah okay you can call them “experiments,” but then it’s sciency and that’s schoolwork and OH MY GOD YOU ARE RUINING MY LIFE.


Anywhoooo…..Brainstorm different ways to melt the ice, and then time them to see which is faster. Some competitions we’ve run in the past:

-Squirt bottle VS drip-Sun VS water-Licking VS Holding it -Sitting on it VS hitting it with a toy hammer 0/10 recommend that last one. Clearly did not think that one through😬 (Poor Olaf 😭😭😭) ->Get creative in how you freeze them so they can learn new concepts in fun ways. This last time I froze Hans in a divided plate so his ice would be long/thin, and used my snack stackers to make Ana into a short/thick ice block. After you finished melting it, ask your kids which melted faster. Which type of ice is stronger? Why do they think that is?

So now the truly IMPORTANT stuff: Capturing that perfect insta pic. You don't want to be Mamarazzi, shooting away the whole time. You really only need to take a few photos right at the beginning, and then a few more when the ice is about to break through. You don't need 956 versions of the same photos — get a few good ones then allow yourself be in the moment (or kick back & relax. You do you 😘)

Oh but if you do post in your feed — make sure you use #saturdayproduction so we can find each other! (even if you did post 956 pictures only your Aunt Doris will look through 🐴😜)


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